Clubhouse App and .Club Domain Values

So as we round the corner into the 1st half of the month of 2021, how much have we seen change? Well, on the news front, much the same from up here in Canada. A lot of people counting down to the final days of Trump in charge, but it’s too much to follow, when big things are happening on the tech front.. Because this app ruins and makes my day… 😆

First off: Shout Out To Ryan Colby and The Guys Over at DRE.ACADEMY and on IG @DreAcademy

  • Whats the APP? Clubhouse. What’s it about? Chat / Podcasts. Tons of them. 

Seeing how Im just a few weeks in on the app, I’m the furtherest thing from an expert on the platform. Therefore, I won’t go on and on about all that it involves and offers, but from what I have seen.. There is just a TON of oppurtunity and the Clubhouse platform is opening up ALL the possibilities, where you are limited only by your imagination.
There are tons of businesspeople, artists, influencers, celebrities, athletes etc. Is it just an exclusive / snobby place? Nope, not at all. There is SO much info shared. so many helpful tips, hints, even lecture style rooms where you can participate by a virtual ‘raising of your hand’. Once a moderator adds you to the stage, just press your MIC button, and wait your turn!

Just a random video from the office window...

ClubHouse For iOS

Clubhouse App? Then why the chatter about the .club domains you ask? What does one have to do with the other?

Well, it's too far away to predict but I do know that in 1992 and 93, I was definitely not paying attention to gold rush of single word domains, the 75$ .com's that were being hoarded by the masses. I just simply wasn't paying attention until 98 or 99 when it was already too late to get single word domains (that made sense)... -- Now we are at 3 word .com's as all the 2 word combos that make any sense, are all taken now too, this time by AI and bots that have specialized in this business.


More recently, I learned and got involved with Bitcoin and Crypto currencies. (Not early enough then, when I did buy in, I didn’t stick it out). This was another good chance to invest in a tech explosion, but with my usual frame of mind as a media buyer, I loved liquidity of what I had and making deals and doing buys seemed to be more stable then a day trader or long term HODL. 🤦🏻‍♂️

So roll ahead to 2021 and this prediction is pretty safe when you wrap your head around what IS happening with Clubhouse – how fast it really is blowing up. Although Clubhouse is currently just in BETA and is Invite Only, you will definitely want to consider accepting an invitation from anyone that offers you one or sends.. You DO, as of today, still need an iOS compatible device though, so if you are using a Google or Samsung, blackberry etc, then consider heading down to the local pawn shop and picking up a used iPhone from the original days, then get yourself a pay as you go card and activate a # (throwaway) – Give that # to someone who has a Clubhouse account, have them ADD your contact info to their phone, then they will be able to SHARE an invite / send you one 😉 

Clubhouse App… Really though Kyle.. Is it worth it? Well, is it worth me rambling on about it and my vision? Why not, cause now we can hop into the .club extension bang. Im not going to calling ‘explosion’, just yet…

I don’t think they have ever been in position to take off as they have been over the past week *Even up until earlier today when I was swiping / scooping as many as I could, i was seeing things at namecheap during availability verifications & checkout that Ive never seen before with timeouts, errors and delayed responses. After talking to a few people in the same ‘shopping mode’ as myself, that I was not alone.

The domains are $0.99 USD ea (generally of late though, the 1 word variations are more) and getting harder to find (good ones). What I’ve decided to do based on the interest and community on Clubhouse is throw the ones I have and a few others, on to their own domain and 1) take offers on them or 2) sell outright.

Some research on these IS still necesasary as you don’t want to renew 1000’s next year when they cost 11$ per year, so with the .club extension, as with any investment, due diligence is advised.

A few recommendations on flipping a .club for some quick cash:

  • Have a quick look at the .com of the domain you are considering – Does it exist, with relevant content? If its a parked domain, then you won’t always have as many ‘outs’. If you DO see a content site and the domain you have or are considering is more of a generic .club *(not a trademarked name), then approach the owners of the .com directly. – Simple as that. you will likely make more $ and flip faster then any other strategy.
It has been a very long day, I am going to move to setting up more of a ‘visual’ on this, and will pick this up very soon.
Until then, search your favourite domain provider and secure some .club domains based on ‘.com’ value!
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