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…said noone ever.

I have slacked on my last few months updating my blog but I find it’s better to update the stuff that makes some * heads turn. Since the Last Post I shifted full time into domaining and have met some very unique individuals, both in social media and outside.

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There are times where I have almost thrown in the white towel and others where I have pushed all my chips into the center. All in...

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Legendary AJ Martin Shortly Before His Hip Replacement Surgery (and some other procedure)

My next post will outline some of the craziness and business end of using Clubhouse. Because I am not typing much moving ahead, my dictation skills will be very evident and will likely be the envy of most people (who never see this)

Join me, as I take this path down acquiring quality domain names and not just dumping them at Brandt bucket or squad help., GoDaddy, after neck anywhere else you can push your name 2, we will go through the process and actually develop one of the more quality names that I have had under my development in the 25 years since I created my first website!

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